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I thrive for authenticity. I am a Ghanaian graduate from the University of Ghana who has a background in History, Geography, and Twi. Tutoring has always been my passion as I love to see my students gain knowledge while they have fun. Traveling, Reading, Researching, Videography and Photography are my hobbies. During my sessions, students will be engaged with around 5 to 10 questions as a recap of what was previously taught to ensure they really understood what was being taught.

About my Sessions

Freedom is what brings out your creativity and desire to study. That is what I aim for in my sessions. A typical session with me would entail 5 to 10 questions as a recap of what was previously covered, 40 minutes of interactive tutoring, and around 5 exam questions to end my sessions.


I have years of experience giving students the understanding and practical knowledge in order to nail those examination questions.

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