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Amira Yuuni

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English Literature

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I am a 24-year-old Sales & Marketing Consultant & Analyst who splits her time between Ghana and England. Outside my 9-5 day job, I am also a content creator and model with an affinity for the creative arts. As someone who is well-traveled, I have the privilege of breaking down cultural barriers and connecting with people regardless of their backgrounds. I pride myself on making learning and education fun and easy!

About my Sessions

To start of, I would like to thank you for choosing my sessions. They will run every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. My sessions will include various modes of learning in one. During my first session with a student, I will usually ask questions about the students preferred learning style (I.e., visual and/or auditory learning). Thereafter, when I feel I have understood best to my ability how the student takes in information effectively, I will work with the student to create a learning plan. This will usually include all the learning objectives for that subject. I pride myself on respective feedback both for the Tutor and the Student. For this reason, I will be conducting bi-weekly feedback surveys for my teaching to asses the progress of the student.


I was working as the Head of Communication & Contracts at SparkZuta Construction & Properties. Prior to that I was hosting and producing season 4 of “Ghana’s Next Supermodel”. Prior to that, I worked as a legal consultant for AfroDistrict, a creative consultancy hub. Lastly, prior to that I was interning at Capital Law Partners which is a Law firm in Accra, Ghana.

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