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Join us for an online event!

IGCSE / IB /A-Level Exam Crunch Seminar

Monday, April 22nd to Wednesday April 24th 2024

What will you learn?

Are you ready to transform your study game and ace your exams with confidence? Join our Exam Crunch Seminar and gain the edge you need to succeed! Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Master Complex Topics: Dive into the heart of your subjects with expert-led sessions that make even the most challenging concepts crystal clear. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity!
  • Study Smarter, Not Harder: Learn the art of effective studying with our proven strategies. From innovative memorization techniques to prioritizing content like a pro, we’ll equip you with the skills to maximize your study time and effort.
  • Conquer Exam Stress: Step into your exams with a calm mind and a focused approach. Our stress-busting techniques will teach you how to keep anxiety at bay and stay composed for peak performance.
  • Monday 22nd April 2024, 7pm – 8pm (GMT): Register for the IGCSE Exam Crunch Seminar for Math, Biology, Physics & Chemistry. Click Here
  • Tuesday 23rd April 2024, 7 pm – 8 pm (GMT): Register for the IB Exam Crunch Seminar for Math, Biology, Physics & Chemistry. Click Here
  • Wednesday 24th April 2024, 7 pm – 8 pm (GMT): Register for the A-level Exam Crunch Seminar for Math, Biology, Physics & Chemistry. Click Here

Learn from a proven expert

Laura Pepera

CEO, VirTutor Online

As a descendant of many generations of academics, education has always been important to Laura.

In 2013, she began tutoring the sciences and maths to children from the age of 4, all the way up to adults who needed the extra support.

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Pharmacology, she then pursued a master’s degree in clinical pharmacology at Kings College London.

Although she still has a deep passion for the sciences, she decided to build Ghana’s first online tutoring platform and use her wealth of experience in the tutoring field after working for several companies in the UK and Canada.

Laura and her tutors employ more modern teaching techniques in order to aid the understanding of the students, and more importantly, to keep them engaged throughout the sessions.

She is a great believer in personalized learning as she believes no two students are the same and we must adapt our teaching techniques based on what works best for each student.

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