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This is the new normal, so why wait? Save time and money on transportation and enjoy the flexibility of having your lessons at any time from the comfort of your own home. Live sessions allow you to learn at your own pace and benefit from the undivided attention of a top tutor.
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About Us

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Online lessons has increasing popular in recent years, offering a flexible and convenient way for individuals to pursue education.

VirTutor Online is Ghana’s first online tutoring platform with excellent online tutors in a wide range of subject areas. We help learners and their families to achieve their goals by providing access to world-class tutoring from the comfort of their homes, creating a convenient, safe, and enjoyable space for learning

Africa's Education Problem

Traditional methods of teaching in Africa often omit key learning tools and techniques such as the use of animations and interactive lessons to deliver the lesson content. In-person tutorials are seen as the “norm” in West Africa, however, this introduces a series of obstacles such as high costs due to transportation and restrictions of being able to select tutors in the student's immediate vicinity. In addition to this, parents are often not present for their child's tutorials, therefore, it proves difficult to keep track of their child's academic progress and more importantly, their safety.

How VirTutor Online is solving this problem

VirTutors that have been accepted on the platform have undergone a series of training to ensure they incorporate key activities in their lesson plans in order to ensure students remain engaged throughout the lessons. Due to the careful selection of qualified tutors from across the world, only the best tutors are accepted onto the platform as they are equipped with key skills needed to contribute to the student's personal growth and development. Furthermore, all students/parents are provided with the recordings of each lesson in order to assist the students with their revision and allow parents to monitor their child's lessons closely.

What makes us special

From finding tutors, making payments via momo, bank transfer, or debit/credit card, and the lessons themselves, the platform is able to accommodate it all! Our online tutors have been carefully screened and vetted to ensure they deliver lessons of a high standard. Need flexibility? Just pop your tutor a message to reschedule a lesson FREE of charge when you aren't able to attend.

Meet some of our tutors

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